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My name is Bryon.  (pronounced Brian)  Welcome to my blog.

When completed, there will be nearly thirty true short stories about my psychic medium wife Shannon, myself, and our paranormal experiences.

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Death Defied

This next short story will be short, but still very significant.  Back in either 2001 or 2002 (I can’t really remember) Shannon and I were traveling back to California from Washington state after spending the holidays up there for Christmas and New Year’s with her family.  Instead of driving back down Hwy 5, we decided to drive down Hwy 1 along the coast.  When we pulled into Mckinleyville in Northern California; which is just a few miles north of Eureka, we stopped for dinner.  After dinner we stepped outside into the parking lot where it was raining cats & dogs, and Shannon; who is a psychic medium, stopped dead in her tracks and said, “We should get a motel for the night.  Something is wrong with the road ahead and it’s too dangerous to travel any more today.”  I asked her, “Why?  Are you having a premonition or something?”  And she said, “I’m not sure.  But I heard a toad croaking and that’s a bad omen.”  I looked at her as we were both getting soaked by the rain and said, “Really?  A toad croaking?  I heard it too.  But are you being serious?”  Now I grew up with an Aunt who was a psychic medium, so I’m a believer in that ability, but toads croaking bad omens?  Not so much.  Anyway, instead of continuing home to Fremont, I heed Shannon’s warning so we stayed in Eureka at a motel for the night.  The next morning we get up, have breakfast, and hit the road.  All while it is still heavily raining.  As we’re driving along just south of Eureka we come to one of those digital road condition signs that reads, “Road Closed Ahead Indefinitely Due To Avalanche.”  Shocked, I looked at Shannon and said, “Toads croaking, huh?”  I knew the Hwy was open the day before so I turned the radio to the Emergency Advisory Radio Station that covers that area to get more details after turning around to drive back to Hwy 299 that heads to Redding and Hwy 5.  According to the Emergency Advisory broadcast, this just wasn’t a little mudslide that was two or three feet deep, this turned out to be a major rock slide that took out a section of the road.  But here’s the really freaky part.  I did some calculations based on the time of the avalanche and compared it to the drive time from the restaurant to the location where the avalanche happened, and based on my findings we would have been in the general vicinity yesterday when the avalanche occurred if we had kept driving.  So did Shannon possibly save our lives with a premonition?  Or were we saved by a croaking toad.  I guess we’ll never know.

Curse Of The Demon

Between 2001 and 2007, Shannon and I would travel every year from California to Washington state to spend Christmas with her family.  During our 2003 visit, Shannon was asked to do a psychic medium reading for some family friends because they had lost a family member six months prior and were looking for closure.  Interestingly, this reading would also be the only one where I would visibly see paranormal phenomenon… and afterwards during another event, feel genuine fear.  As we left the main highway and drove over the river to their home, I noticed we were not only headed deeper into the woods, but it was also starting to get dark.  The woods at night creep me out, especially since I grew up watching horror films.  But that’s also part of the fun.  Anyway, we pulled into their driveway.  A short dirt road that headed towards two very small twin cabins next to the river.  But before heading up to the cabins, Shannon senses two very young brothers in the field across the street but were unrelated to who we were visiting.  The little spirits were running and playing, seemingly unaware of their gruesome deaths from a tractor accident decades before.  Next we meet the couple who lost their cousin, and after the customary greetings, Shannon starts to sense and follow where their deceased family member is leading her.  The spirit was a middle-aged female who was luring Shannon to an outside door that opened into a storage room where homemade blackberry wine was stored in the second cabin.  She communicated to Shannon that she didn’t show any prior symptoms before her heart attack so it was completely unexpected.  She didn’t suffer and she is also safe and happy.  During the reading, Shannon was pointing out that the woman’s spirit was sitting in a chair with a bottle of wine enjoying herself.  At this time, I noticed an imprint starting to show in the cushion.  I excitedly pointed it out to every one else and we all stood there amazed as the imprint became more and more pronounced.  Like I said before, it was the first and only time that I have visually seen anything paranormal.  After the reading, Shannon felt drawn to explore the rest of the property, so the two of us set out… in the dark… near the treeline… and that’s when it happened.

Shannon and I had walked around the back of the property to a corner where there was an overgrown but still slightly open path through the trees and shrubs.  We were beyond the sensor light but we were still getting a little bit of ambient light from the flood lamps so it wasn’t quite pitch black.  We were about a hundred feet or so from the back cabin close to the woods, so I was already feeling anxious.  Shannon felt pulled to the area, and as we were standing there holding hands and staring at the pathway, the spirit of a young woman in her early 20’s appeared to Shannon.  The young girl had nothing to do with the current family living there in the cabins but she was connected to the property and the surrounding woods.  Shannon was describing her to me as feeling sad.  Unbearably sad, and racked with despair.  She was also looking to Shannon for help.  As Shannon is describing all of this to me, she abruptly stops and says, “We have to go!  Now!”  She squeezes my hand really hard and starts pulling me away from the path back towards the cabins.  I mean she is literally dragging me!  At this point my heart starts racing as the adrenaline is raging through my body because I thought Shannon might have seen a bear or cougar or something… maybe even Bigfoot?  So here I am with those scenarios running through my mind!  As we rushed from the pathway, I kept asking Shannon, “What is it!  What did you see!”  And she would only answer with; “We need to get away from here right now!”  which freaked me out even more, so I kept looking behind to see if something was following us while at the same time hoping nothing was!  As soon as we reached the back cabin and was fully immersed in the flood lamps, Shannon took a moment to catch her breath (actually we both did) before telling me what she saw, which was a black cloaked figure with a hood and no face but it had two burning red eyes that were permeated with evil!  “It was a demon!  It was a very old demon that imprisoned the girl’s soul because she was foolish enough to get involved in Satanism!”  Shannon says in a very troubling voice.  Shannon sensed that the whole area had a negative feel to it and the couple currently living there in the cabins verified that the area was once used for devil worshiping back in the 70’s.  Shannon also told me that the demon spoke directly to her.  She said as it appeared behind the young woman, it placed its dark and misshapen hand on the woman’s shoulder, eerily whispering “She’s mine and you can’t take her.”  The young woman then lowered her head and slowly faded back into the demon as if she was being absorbed by it.  The demon then stepped forward towards us and that’s when Shannon squeezed my hand really hard and ran, dragging me along with her.  Shannon has only encountered demons a few times in her life, but this one was definitely the worst.

Dead Man’s Hand

Back in 2001 during our trip to Deadwood South Dakota, Shannon; who is a psychic medium, and I were looking forward to visiting the famous Saloon #10 where Wild Bill Hickok was murdered.  This trip was only three weeks after we had met, but I had already been witness to Shannon’s psychic abilities several times before so I felt confident and looked forward to our visit to the Saloon where Wild Bill had played his last hand of cards.  As we walked in, I was eagerly awaiting for Shannon to start her reading with Wild Bill Hickok and the story behind his death.  I watched her face.  Nothing.  I watched her hands.  Nothing.  I even watched her body language.  Still nothing.  I thought to myself; “what a bummer,” because the first thing Shannon said was, “I’m not picking up anything.  This place isn’t haunted and Wild Bill isn’t even here.”  So instead, Shannon and I drank a little.  Laughed a little.  Danced a little.  And listened to the band a little.  I wasn’t going to let this one psychic bump in the road ruin our evening.  After about an hour, I decided to get Shannon and I one more drink.  Our waitress was pretty busy so I went up to the bar instead and asked for two more drinks.  Being curious… and a little buzzed, I told the bartender about Shannon being a psychic medium and how odd it was that she wasn’t picking up anything about Bill being shot.  The bartender smiled and said, “that’s because this is the second location, the first location for Saloon #10 where Bill was actually shot is down the street.”  Talk about being surprised!  Surprised and happy!  So Shannon and I immediately headed down the street to the original location where the reading I was hoping for earlier awaited us.  As we walked in, everything came to Shannon.  The having to sit with his back to the door.  The poker game.  The two pair of aces and eights that came to be known as a “dead man’s hand.”  The gunshot.  Everything.  But what came through the most was Wild Bill’s anger about being shot the one time he sat without having his back to a wall.  It just goes to show you that you can do everything in your power to control your destiny.  But in the end, destiny has the final say.

The Suicide Bride

Southern Oregon, 2001.  Shannon (my psychic medium girlfriend at the time) and I were visiting the Oregon Caves.  After our cave tour, we ventured into the Chateau near by.  It was a grand old lodge.  Big.  Beautiful.  Majestic.  And haunted.  It was also very quiet.  The woman at the front desk told us there was a one to two week period between the spring and summer seasons when the crowds were less prevalent, so we asked her if it was okay to look around even though we weren’t guests and she said yes.  Shannon and I started to wander around and while I was enjoying the grandness of it all, Shannon was walking slowly, rubbing her hands, and showing a look of concentration on her face.  At this point Shannon tells me the haunting of the Chateau; or more specifically a room, was on one of the upper floors by a young bride.  So we went back to the front desk and asked the clerk if she knew anything about the haunting.  I also told her that Shannon was a psychic medium.  The clerk said yes, and since the place was “dead slow,” and since she was also fascinated with Shannon’s paranormal abilities, she offered to take us on a little tour.  The clerk first took us to a bedroom on an upper floor where the young bride stayed, but Shannon didn’t sense her presence there so she took us to another room.  This next room had three windows in it and is where the bride’s story began to unfold.  Shannon immediately started telling us what happened.  In the 1930’s a young woman named Elizabeth was married, but later that day she caught her husband in the arms of one of the Chateau’s maids.  Elizabeth was obviously crushed so she threw herself out of the window to her death.  Pretty basic tale.  Betrayed by love, then embraced by death.  But here’s where the story becomes a little more interesting.  Shannon walked over to the windows and told us that Elizabeth jumped out of the center window.  The clerk suddenly got a look of surprise on her face and said, “That would explain why the center window has been nailed shut all of these years.”  Shannon and I eagerly looked at the center window around the frame and there they were… nails.  Old nails that have been repeatedly painted over through the years.  It was a nice confirmation for Shannon.

On a side note, Shannon also sensed a small child hiding in the closet of the room where Elizabeth jumped to her death, but she didn’t sense the story behind it so all we got to leave with was the story of the suicide bride.

Dark Portal

This next story takes place the day after we experienced the “Little Girl Lost” possession.  After that incident, my psychic medium wife Shannon and I made it to Fort Bragg in Northern California for the night where we stayed with only one paranormal encounter which was just a simple restaurant haunting.  Shannon and I had lunch at a brew pub that had an old male spirit that liked to hang out there.  A ghost story with not much story to it.  Even though our waitress verified everything Shannon said about the haunting, which wasn’t much.  It was just an old employee from the business that was there before it became a brew pub.  It had your typical ghost sightings, unexplained noises, and objects moving on their own.  Pretty basic stuff.  But the next day we got up and began our drive south on HWY 1 down the beautiful California coastline back to the East Bay where we lived, and this is where Shannon detected a portal.  It’s one of the few times that she has ever sensed a portal… and it was an evil one.  A few hours away from reaching the small town of Manchester, Shannon noticed a change in the energy the land was giving off.  It was a feeling of great sadness and dread.  A despair so deep that it drowned out the natural beauty of the area for her.  I on the other hand really love the coast so I was enjoying the scenery, but that was about to change, too.  Shannon started describing how the local Native American tribes in that area were massacred by the U. S. Army back in the late 19th century, and how the land absorbed, remembered, and was reflecting that energy back.  Shannon has detected many of these kinds of Native American tragedies on many of our road-trips, but this one was very disturbing for her, but she was eventually able to tolerate it.  We finally reached the small town of Manchester, and while I’m focusing on the drive, Shannon starts yelling, “Did you see that!  Did you see that building!  It was a portal!”  Shannon starts describing how eerie the building was, and since this was the first time she had ever mentioned sensing a portal, I turned the car around and headed back to see the building for myself.

We pulled up past the school, made a U-turn, and then pulled off the highway right in front of the old building.  From what I can remember, it was maybe two stories high and it looked like it might have a semi-basement because the front stairs went up about six feet above the ground to the first floor.  It was red, abandoned, and had a short central bell tower on top of the roof.  But it was so long ago I’m not really sure.  It did have a big grassy yard around it with the perimeter lined with trees.  Anyway, Shannon starts describing what used to be either an elementary school or an orphanage.  She wasn’t sure which, but she was sure it was filled with children.  Abused children.  The negative energy from the portal was dark and overwhelming so Shannon couldn’t really focus in on too many details, and she’s also not sure if the portal was emanating from the building or the land, or maybe both.  We were only sitting in front of the building for maybe thirty seconds when Shannon starts panicking and yells at me.  “Drive!  Drive!  Drive!  Get me out of here, now!”  So I drive off and immediately ask her what’s wrong?  Shannon says, “a black-haired young girl appeared in one of the windows and started staring at me”, I asked her why did that bother her so much, Shannon replied, “Her face was severely burned by either acid or fire, and her eyes were missing.  They were just two black holes and her mouth was black and gaping open in a very low and unnatural way.  It was like there was no physicality to her eyes and mouth.  They were just deep, dark, bottomless pits.  She was one of the creepiest ghosts I have ever seen.  Plus the energy from the portal was intensifying.”  The negative energy of the land stayed with Shannon for about three hours after we left the surrounding area around Manchester, but the evil energy from the portal, and the tormented energy from the spirit girl stayed with Shannon for the next several days.  We’ve been back to Fort Bragg since then, via HWY 101 & HWY 20, but as beautiful as that drive down HWY 1 was, we have never gone back.  At least not yet.

Little Girl Lost

Back in 2003, my psychic medium wife Shannon and I went on a drive up Hwy 101 to the little Northern California town of Leggett where we would connect with Hwy 1.  There, the Pacific Coast Highway would take us west through the coastal mountains to the sea, and then on to Fort Bragg for the night.  As we were driving through a particularly winding part of the two lane road, Shannon started sensing a little girl spirit from the late 19th century.  She was walking beside her family’s wagon with her parents riding inside, traveling on what was then an old primitive trail.  While I was driving, I thought to myself; how cool is this going to be because now I get to hear another ghost story.  Well, my idea of cool quickly turned into fear.  For the first and only time, I became afraid for Shannon because she was about to become completely absorbed, or possessed, by a distraught spirit.  Shannon started describing a happy scene of a family traveling towards a new promising life.  The mom and dad in the wagon were enjoying the fresh air and sunlight that was beaming through the trees while their eight year old daughter was instead, very tired of being on another tedious trip, so she kicks small rocks and loose dirt around as she walked along the treacherous trail.  The north side of the trail was an inclined wall of coastal mountains reaching straight up to the sky.  On the southern side of the trail was a ravine with a steep decline around a hundred feet deep.  I was more focused on driving because this section was becoming dangerous so I was just listening to Shannon’s voice and not glancing back and forth at her face when she starts describing how the little girl begins to scream as she sees the horses get spooked by something and pulls the wagon and her parents over the edge of the trail.  Shannon tells how the little girl slowly makes her way down to the bottom of the ravine to her parents where she finds them dead.  While Shannon was first describing this tragedy, she was telling the story as herself, but that quickly changed.  I noticed Shannon’s voice began to sound higher pitched and she started using words like I, instead of her.  There was a panic in her voice too as she started crying for her, I mean the little girl’s parents.  “Mom!  Dad!  Wake up!  Wake up!  You have to wake up!”  Shannon is now inconsolable, and the grown woman I was sitting next to just a few moments ago is gone, replaced by a hysterical little girl.  I now start to panic because this has never happened before so I start yelling, “Shannon! Shannon!  What do you want me to do!  Should I turn around?! I’m turning around! As soon as we come to a turnout, I’m turning around!”  Shannon snaps at me and says; “no, I’m okay!  I just need a minute!”  By this time I’m pretty rattled, and Shannon’s unhinged emotional state isn’t helping any.  But a few miles down the road we both start to calm down and she tells me what happened next, and it was gut-wrenching.  Shannon painfully tells me that the little girl wandered along the ravine for several days afterwards.  Exposed and scared of every little noise, every little shadow.  Crying, hungry, and cold.  At night she would hide in-between trees and bushes.  But on the fourth night, Shannon told me she found an old rotted out tree that was lying on the ground.  And the lost little girl, still confused and paralyzed with fear, just crawled underneath the shelter of the fallen tree and died.  All alone, she just closed her eyes and died.  As I said before, this was the first time a spirit had possessed Shannon without her consent, and I hoped to God it would be the last.

Winchester Mystery House

In 2002, I took my then psychic medium girlfriend Shannon to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose California.  I have been there numerous times over the years because family who visited from out of state would always want to go there, but this would be Shannon’s first visit, and my first visit with a psychic medium.  Suffice to say I was pretty excited to start but Shannon needed to use the restroom first, so off she went.  As soon as Shannon disappeared, our tour guide showed up and announced we would be starting our tour.  I told her that my girlfriend went to use the restroom and she said no problem.  Our tour guide was a 16 year old girl whose first name I can’t remember.  But, and you’re not going to believe this, a psychic medium herself!  What are the odds!  The one time I show up with a psychic medium, and the tour guide turns out to be one too!

While we were waiting there for Shannon,  I looked at her and said, “I bet this happens all of the time.  Doesn’t it.  You’re ready to start your tour and there’s always someone that has to use the restroom at the last minute.”  She smiled and said, “yeah, but it’s okay.  I’d rather have them go now before the tour instead of during it.”  I laughed and agreed with her, but then I mentioned to her how I’ve been to the Winchester Mystery House many times before but was really excited this time because Shannon was a psychic medium.  The young tour guide looked at me shocked, like I had just insulted her or something, but then she leaned into me and gently whispered, “she’s okay with people knowing she’s psychic?”  I was a little taken aback at first, but then I responded with a very confident yes.  I told her that Shannon is very proud of what she is and I’m also very proud of her too.  In fact, I can’t stop telling people about her because to me it just makes her even more special than she already is.  Anyway, she then proceeds to tell me, in a very soft voice so no one else can hear, that she has psychic abilities too, but she keeps them secret because she doesn’t want to be teased and tormented over them.  She tells me that she has a very small circle of friends in school that have paranormal abilities as well and that they keep that part of their lives very secret.  I immediately felt bad for her.  I had forgotten how tough being a teenager was, and being a psychic teenager was probably even more tough.  By this time Shannon had returned and we filled her in on our discussion so both Shannon and the tour guide were now extra excited for this tour.  And so was I.

Shannon and I hung back a little bit behind our tour group so Shannon wouldn’t draw too much attention to herself with her reactions.  Our young psychic tour guide however kept a very close eye on Shannon to see what she was experiencing.  I noticed her always glancing towards Shannon after she would do her speech about each new room we would enter but always being careful enough to not make it too obvious.  Shannon detected seven spirits throughout the mansion.  Most of them were construction workers and/or house servants attending their various duties.  Except for two.  Shannon sensed a male spirit who used to be a security guard and a troublemaker.  As we would find out later.  The second spirit was none other than Sara Winchester herself.  Shannon could see her sitting in a rocking chair overlooking a part of her property from the second floor.  She was in a section that was closed to the public, but the strange way the mansion was built allowed us to see the area from where we were standing.  If I remember correctly, it was a long narrow partially enclosed sun-room that overlooked a medium sized yard where a crescent moon bush was located.  At the end of the tour, our guide did her “thank you and come back soon” speech, then patiently waited for everyone to shuffle along into the souvenir shop at the end of the tour.  As soon as the last tourist exited, she quickly ran over to us and excitedly asked Shannon, “so what did you see!?”  Shannon told her about the seven spirits she sensed.  Shocked and surprised, yet giddily excited, our teenage psychic tour guide compared and verified Shannon’s experiences with her own.  Shannon and her also talked about the security guard who was a little on the dark side.  He didn’t like psychics and would try to touch or project negative feelings onto them.  Our tour guide told us she constantly had to remain on guard when she would enter the part of the mansion where he was.  Another surprising part of the tour was Shannon; as well as our tour guide, detected absolutely nothing in the seance room.  I mean nothing.  It was psychically dead.  So the only real difference between Shannon and our psychic tour guide’s experiences was she would also regularly see an eighth spirit that Shannon did not detect… but, she did see the most important spirit in the house where Shannon did, and that was of Sara Winchester herself.

Niles Love Shack

After Shannon (a psychic medium) and I met in 2001, we moved into a small cottage that was part of an old complex that had two other small cottages, about fourteen small apartments, and one two-story farm house.  The cottages were originally built back in the early 1900’s as vacation cottages and were used by silent film stars and crews such as Charlie Chaplin.  Only three cottages survived to this day.  The house was built in the 1920’s and the apartments after WW2.  Niles, which is now part of Fremont was the original Hollywood before the studios moved from northern California to southern California.  The cottage sat right at the mouth of Niles canyon.  Haunted, Niles canyon.  It was no bigger than 150 to 200 square feet.  It had no sink in the bathroom.  No insulation or air conditioning so it was hot in the summer and the old single-pane windows had water condensation problems when it rained in the winter.  Very little storage space.  And a small kitchenette.  But it was affordable and we loved it.  It was our little love shack.  Oh… it was also extremely haunted.  Just not our cottage, but the whole property.  Roughly about 2 acres.

As a psychic medium, Shannon detected spirits all over the property, she did however perform a protection spell on our cottage so we would not be haunted, except for a small ghost cat that occasionally liked to run around at night.  Cats never listen anyway.  Shannon and I loved the property.  Except for one spirit, a cranky old man in the attic of the main house who used to yell and scream from the attic window at Shannon to “stay away from my house” but most of the other spirits were friendly.  One was a man in a baseball uniform who was always hiding behind the same bush.  One was a young boy always underneath an apple tree.  There was something mysterious always lurking outside one of our windows in the front room.  Shannon never could sense what that energy was about.  And across the small field behind the back of our cottage there was something dark, always staring at our bedroom window from underneath an elevated and abandoned tool shed or something, but only at night.  It was like it knew Shannon could sense it.  But during the daytime the dark energy was gone.  Whatever it was, it was the only energy Shannon identified as evil.  Shannon also sensed that the old film crews and actors energies were still prevalent on the property, but only in a general way.  Nothing really specific.  Off property, Shannon sensed massive amounts of energy within Niles canyon, which we rarely walked into.  But during our first walk along Alameda creek which flows out of Niles canyon, Shannon saw the spirit-body of a young girl who had drowned.  We were under the overpass for Mission Blvd when she saw a brunette in a white flowing dress just underneath the surface of the water.  We were only about a hundred feet from the property where our rental cottage was.  The spirit-body just floated their like a physical body but did not move with the flow of water downstream, nor did she try to communicate with Shannon.  Could this have been the famous “White Witch of Niles Canyon”?  Who knows.

My last story about our love shack is the creepiest.  Shannon also sensed that there were other spirits haunting some of the other apartments, which the other non-psychic renters verified with plenty of stories about spooky and weird happenings.  But the one I’m going to tell you made all of our blood run cold.  Shannon and I pulled into our driveway late one night where I had to stop to let Shannon out so she can open the car door because the driveways were so small, anyway, she gets out of the car and immediately runs to the far side of the neighbors cottage yelling something where I can’t see her.  I immediately park my car and run over to our neighbors driveway where Shannon is still standing and hurriedly asked “what happened” Shannon tells me she saw a shadow person staring at her.  She said it was up against the house and moved along the wall from the front to the side where the driveway was and then it disappeared.  She said it had no defining facial features except for its eyes.  She said the eyes were dark, bottomless, and empty.  Her story really creeped the both of us out but we had kind of a laugh over it because of the way she ran after it.  Shannon has never run towards a shadow person before.  Anyway, like I said we were having a good chuckle when our neighbor pulled up wondering why we were standing in his empty driveway so we told him what we had just experienced and the look on his face quickly turned to one of shock.  He told us about a week ago he had pulled into his driveway late at night and out of the corner of his eye he caught something looking through his passenger side window at him.  He quickly turned to see the exact same thing Shannon had just described.  His eyes shifted away for a moment in shock, but when he refocused on his passenger window the shadow person was gone.  He said he got out and looked all around but could not see or hear anyone.  He said he would have knocked on our door to ask Shannon about it but we were gone that evening.  Our little love shack was old, small, and had few modern conveniences, but we loved that place. Ghosts and all.

Old Sacramento

In 2003, my psychic medium wife Shannon and I went to Old Town Sacramento for the day.  When we arrived, Shannon immediately started sensing a very strong pull.  Neither one of us knew anything specific about Old Town, except that I knew it was a very cool place to party at during the jazz festival, which is sadly no more.  Anyway, as Shannon and I start walking around enjoying ourselves, she begins sensing two things.  1.  That another town was buried under Old Town.  And 2.  A very strong urge to search out and find someone there.  Instead of casually strolling around and enjoying browsing through all of the shops, Shannon is walking at a frenzied pace, as if she was late to an appointment.  I kept asking her what was she sensing, and she would reply with, “I don’t know yet.  But I have to keep looking.  I have to know.  It’s very important and I just can’t let it go.”  So for about an hour, Shannon is dragging me around on some paranormal wild goose chase, until we come to an old beautiful brick building.  We go inside and I immediately notice there are small stores on the ground floor along with stairways to more shops on the upper floors.  So I assume if Shannon doesn’t find what she’s looking for on the ground floor, we’ll be hoofing it up those stairs.  But… I was wrong.  I was so wrong.  Instead, Shannon heads down the stairway to the basement where a long creepy hallway filled with out of business shops were.  The hallway felt like it was straight out of a horror movie.  Somewhat dark and foreboding.  As we ventured down the hallway, I tried to stop Shannon from going any further, but she was having none of it.  I said “Look, there is nothing down here.  Let’s go.”  And as soon as I said that, we came upon a little custom leather shop.  My first thought was, what a horrible location.  How can this place even be in business.  Anyway, we go inside and an older man greeted us thinking we were clients coming in to pick up an order.  The man; who was probably in his late 70’s or early 80’s, and myself were both surprised to hear Shannon’s next words.  Shannon starts doing an impromptu reading on him and describes how a young man in a uniform who died during the Vietnam War was driving her to find the old man.  Shannon tells the shop owner very personal and accurate information about him and the deceased soldier, and after about 20 minutes or so, the old shop owner says wait right here.  He disappears in the back and then reemerges with an old photograph of a soldier.  The photograph verifies Shannon’s description of the soldier, and the old man says he was my son.  Now, I don’t know why Shannon can be driven to find a complete stranger to deliver a message and not know it was from the man’s son, but it happens sometimes.  Psychics do not have “know all and see all abilities,” they’re only given what is needed, and in this case, what Shannon was shown was enough to convince the old man because he said he didn’t believe in psychics and if he hadn’t of experienced what he just experienced with Shannon he never would have believed it.

Afterwards, Shannon is feeling relieved that she was able to deliver the deceased soldiers message, so we go to the tourist center and guess what we learn, the original Old Town kept flooding in its early days by the Sacramento River so it was completely buried over and the new Old Town was built on top of the original Old Town to prevent flooding.  Shannon’s sense of another town buried under Old Town was now verified.  We haven’t been back to Old Sacramento since, but we still remember fondly of the unexpected reunion between a father and a son.


Deadwood.  2001.  Shannon and I are in South Dakota for three days vacationing.  Remember, just three weeks prior is when my deceased cousin Kirby helped set Shannon and I up, and that Shannon is a psychic medium.  Anyway, we are visiting Deadwood.  Specifically, the Mount Moriah Cemetery.  Final resting place of Wild Bill Hickok…… Or is it?

Shannon and I are walking around the cemetery enjoying the beautiful countryside of the Black Hills, when she starts to sense very angry Asian spirits in a far off separated section of the cemetery.  Shannon is a little freaked out by their anger and despair, so we do not go into that area.  Betrayal.  Shannon also feels betrayal.  Shannon doesn’t really pick up much more than that, so we turn around and head back towards the entrance.  As we walk, we come upon an attendant giving a presentation to a group of people about a certain grave site.  The grave site of Wild Bill Hickok.  Or so we are told.  During his presentation, Shannon leans into me and whispers; “he’s not buried here.”  Immediately I become intrigued.  Afterwards, I approach the attendant and inform him that we know Wild Bill is not buried there, he looks at us strangely and asks if we’ve been there before and we say no.  I tell him about Shannon being a psychic medium and what she has already experienced with the Asian spirits.  The attendant now becomes just as intrigued as I am.  He tells us that in the years following Wild Bill’s death, grave-robbers kept disturbing Wild Bill’s grave so his body was moved to a more private location up behind the cemetery, and that the presentation that is given at the false grave is just for the tourists.

     His attention then focuses on the Asian spirits.  He says the story behind them is they were Chinese, and instead of full wages for their labor; upon their death, they wanted their bodies to be sent back to China so they could be buried in their homeland.  Their American employers agreed to this but did not keep their promises and eventually had them buried in a segregated section of the cemetery to save money.  The attendant then told us that this story is actually on their brochures which are available at the main entrance.  I look at the attendant and said; “we didn’t know that so we don’t have one.”  He was even more impressed after that.  As we left the Mount Moriah Cemetery, we grabbed one of the brochures and it verified what the attendant told us, which in-turn confirmed everything Shannon had sensed.